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Custom studio Marberglux is a unique tandem, in which exclusively innovative technologies, environmentally-friendly and elite materials are combined with perfect style. This all is crowned by handicraft of gifted people – our craftsmen. We continue tapping into the market and making this world better, we are recognized, our products are purchased in quantity, notwithstanding that we are a small custom studio. All that we offer and do, allows for a person to get and exclusive luxury product.

We allocate little time for marketing. Why? In order to grow and develop in the art of technology. As a result, every client our luxury brand gets a true, clever masterpiece. In this respect, we like the story of Leonardo da Vinci. He spent at least a year on each of his pictures, but now the world contemplates his masterpieces. We are the same “da Vincis”, combining innovative technologies and luxurious design at the heart of our ideas.

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The founders of luxury studio Marberglux are creative people – two friends from Ukraine, a designer and a marketing expert. In 2016, they decided to join efforts and created a custom studio Marberglux which has to do with development and manufacture of advanced technological masterpieces of art as well as premium accessories.

Their creative tandem contributes to the fact that, despite the existence of dozens of similar companies in the world, there appear exclusive iPhone devices with unique ideology, meaning and soul. These are not merely phones by Apple, they are real pieces of art, and only premium materials are used for the incrustation.

Custom studio Marberglux started its journey as an atelier of leather goods. As time went by, the company was growing and developing, but the plan for branching and turning the company into a large corporation was undermined when its founders realized that they wanted to avoid mass nature.

That is, every phone designed and created by the our custom studio, as well as each premium accessory (luxury case, purse, crocodile duffle bag, cardholder or belt), is unique and emphasizes the status and most importantly uniqueness of its owner. That is why today – the luxury brand Marberglux is not a manufacturer with a conveyor producing hundreds of unique phones every month, but an elite premium-class atelier where you can order a device that emphasizes your individuality.

All the collections of phones that you see on the website of our custom studio are iPhone limited series. Such devices are owned only by the privileged.


Philosophy custom studio Marberglux – Uniqueness in you.

The times when a phone was used only for calling is over. Today this device is an essential working tool, but the most important is that as an accessory it emphasizes your style. It can tell all about your uniqueness and make you the owner of a true masterpiece. For this reason, the team of our elite atelier does not work for the mass, because you are the only and peculiar person whose uniqueness should be embodied in your phone and not be repeated by anyone else.

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The unique texture of premium materials that we use: noble wood, exotic leather, carbon or precious stones contribute to the fact that even in our limited collections of phones there are no identical devices.

Marberglux is a custom studio in the luxury segment, so all Marberg devices are created manually which requires a lot of time. Sometimes it takes more than a month to turn one project into reality. Therefore, we guarantee the certificate and uniqueness of each phone.

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Crocodile case or back panel for your phone made of wood, gold, titanium, carbon fiber, marble or sapphire is not a problem for us. Because we like challenges and difficult tasks. The logo of your company, developed by our designers, will crown the exclusive design of your phone, you can replace a standard Apple logo by your own.

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Starting with 2017, each Custom devices Marberglux is packed in a nice box made of wood, which is, by the way, worked on by hand.


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iPhone by Steve Jobs has a perfect design, but through it all, it lacks something. In some strange way it limits the user. Custom studio Marberglux – is the place, where a unique design will be developed and created for your mobile phone or premium accessory. And this means, that you will be the only person in the world to possess such a device.

All our luxury products – is a masterpiece, and our experts work on it with all the responsibility. We keep an eye on every smallest detail.

Do you want to turn your ordinary iPhone into something special, distinct, corresponding to your style and character, so that even the color of the logo showed it? Custom studio Marberglux is at your service.

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The logo of your company, developed by our designers, will crown the exclusive design of your phone. Our luxury products can uniqualize not only a personality, but the whole company.

Specifically for this purpose, we turn very interesting and technologically complex corporate orders of various organizations, brands and even entire corporations into reality. If you want your device or accessory to reflect the spirit and philosophy of a brand, we will work thoroughly on choosing the materials, textures, style, coating technique, color range and technologies. Why do we do it? Because your brand is unique and exclusive.



Customers of the custom studio Marberglux are true connoisseurs of uniqueness: politicians, members of royal families, famous athletes, producers, stars of sow business, public persons – successful and wealthy people with the desire to stand out and be unique.

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The team of our technologists, jewelers and designers are always looking for fellow-thinkers. If you are a connoisseur of all the beautiful and unique, if you’re looking for new ways and like solving infeasible tasks, if you’re striving for the perfection of new technologies and feel inspired by unusual ideas, write us. And we will change this world for better together!

Why are we doing it? It’s difficult to find goods of good quality, but to find a real technological masterpiece is practically impossible. That’s why Marberg Company is always in search of fellow-thinkers (partners) in order to make our masterpieces available in any part of the world. Because the world must be wonderful, that’s why we are working hard.

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