Apple Watch 4 Marberglux

Make a statement about yourself with an exclusive Apple watch 4 by Marberg

All our devices are unique and special, but we also keep watch over luxury, exclusiveness and high quality of our accessories. Exactly these terms can be used to describe luxury Apple Watch 4 with the design developed by the masters of Marberglux brand, they are created to rein up the time.
Every detail of Apple Watch 4 by Marberglux emphasizes the charisma and high status. These are not simple details, but precise meaningfulness. Luxury Apple Watch 4 by Marberglux allow you to enjoy the fine art of the professionals of the 21st century, who created these perfect shapes and also gave the watch by Apple its individual character and sense.

Custom watch Apple Watch 4 Red Crocodile skin from Marberglux

Luxury Apple Watch 4 by Marberglux is luxury in pure form. For the world to see this masterpiece, our best jewelers, designers and engravers were working hard. The pattern on the case of the watch is entirely made manually.
Luxury Apple Watch 4 by Marberglux – the watch worth buying. This model will elegantly complete even the most austere and classic look. Whether you are a fashionista or a businessman, you will 100% see the true value of this modern device in combination with the best traditions of jewelry art.

Custom watch Apple Watch 4 Black Crocodile skin from Marberglux

Only a true admirer of all the unique will opt for luxury Apple Watch 4 by Marberglux. Indeed, this device is pure elegance and uniqueness in one, it will help you to enjoy all the positive emotions as a life-champion. In order to have everything always under control, to make you feel comfortable and confident – you need luxury Apple Watch 4 by Marberglux.
All metal details are polished and ideal assembled by our experts with years of experience in the industry. We are sure that you will certainly like this design. The irreproachable workmanship of Marberg brings taste to each premium device, striking the perfect balance between luxury aesthetic and function.

Custom watch Apple Watch 4 White Crocodile skin from Marberglux

With this premium watch it becomes clear to your environment that you and only you conquer new peaks in all spheres of life. Because the combination of deep color of crocodile leather with 24 carat gold is ideal. This is really a win-win option. Remember: You are a special person, in which there is uniqueness. With the new custom watch Apple watch 4 you will really be able to enjoy this elite thing and feel your true high profile.

Custom watch Apple Watch 4 Blue Crocodile skin from Marberglux
Custom watch Apple Watch 4 Red Crocodile skin from Marberglux
Custom watch Apple Watch 4 Black Crocodile skin from Marberglux
Custom watch Apple Watch 4 Green Crocodile skin from Marberglux

To create your own, unique design for Apple Watch 4, you can go to page our luxury atelier.


The basic watch body is disassembled; next step: hand engraving a housing. The assembly process consists of several stages, all done manually, including assembly itself, polishing and final fitting.
We select and use only the premium materials for our devices. We develop our own luxury hightest materials. Through these, we are emphasize your style, taste and individuality.


Delivery of Marberg custom watches is complimentary. We deliver worldwide through our trusted couriers, DHL, FEDEX, EMS and state mail. Delivery time is estimated at 3-14 business days depending on the destination country.
Customs duties and taxes are not included in the product price and would have to be paid separately by the customer. International customers are liable to pay inbound duties and taxes in accordance with the customs laws and regulations of the customer’s country.



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