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Make a statement about yourself with an exclusive Tag Heuer by Marberg

For some people, a Tag Heuer watch is a Tag Heuer — bought as is, many of the designs in the shop represent the end result of sometimes decades or even generations of relentless tweaking, refining and fine-tuning. For others, the watch they buy either new from the web site or an example from a pre-owned shop acts as merely a starting point; a blank canvas onto which they will add their own unique character. Personalizing Tag Heuer watch is sometimes seen as the ultimate statement, a way to separate yourself even further from an already somewhat exclusive crowd.
Personaliztaion can be done in a number of ways, some more extreme than others. It can be swapping a metal bracelet for a leather or rubber strap has a massive effect on the overall aesthetic of a watch. It can be swapping a standart screen for a carbon fiber display.

Custom watch TAG Heuer Blue and Yellow print from Marberglux

Our company is engaged the personalization of watches. Replacing the strap is too banal. For vivid personalization, we chose the Tag Heuer Carbon Aquaracer watch. We manually painted the display and bezel of the Tag Heuer watch. This elite Tag Heuer watch is a unique high-tech device with excellent specifications that the masters of Marberglux enhanced with an exclusive design.
Each element of this elite watch indicates style, severity and embodiment of fine design. With such a watch, you simply cannot help but enjoy the excellence that combines best modern technology and impeccable luxury of jewelry art. Unique Tag Heuer watch by Marberglux is the result of filigree work of our best artists, engineers and jewelers. New swiss watch Tag Heuer is not just a watch, but a high status, an ideal sense of style and public image of its owner. Therefore, you use only the best in your life- this watch was created just for you!

Custom watch TAG Heuer Green print from Marberglux

Stylish Tag Heuer watch combine unique design and functionality of classical gadgets. Special paint plating of its body and screen adds to its aesthetic qualities. Thanks to such decision Tag Heuer watch looks attractive and exclusive. Only those people who can estimate fully and enjoy high quality, rare beauty and exclusive design can purchase unique Tag Heuer watch.
A future owner of Tag Heuer watch will obtain not only a classical swiss watch but a real work of jewel art which is a perfect mechanism that is worth of being a treasured thing for its owner. Rainbow Tag Heuer watch is an attribute of a modern successful person who emphasizes his special status and can fit into any image. Enjoy ownership of a worthy thing that will soon become classics.

Custom watch TAG Heuer RED and Yellow print from Marberglux
Custom watch TAG Heuer Rose print from Marberglux
Custom watch TAG Heuer Rainbow print from Marberglux
Custom watch TAG Heuer from Marberglux
Custom watch TAG Heuer from Marberglux2
Custom watch TAG Heuer from Marberglux3
Custom watch TAG Heuer Rainbow print from Marberglux


The basic watch body is disassembled; next difficult step: Difficult stage of hand-painted bezel and screen.. The assembly process consists of several stages, all done manually, including assembly itself, polishing and final fitting.
We select and use only the premium materials for our devices. We develop our own luxury highest materials. Through these, we are emphasize your style, taste and individuality.


Delivery of Marberg custom watches is complimentary. We deliver worldwide through our trusted couriers, DHL, FEDEX, EMS and state mail. Delivery time is estimated at 3-14 business days depending on the destination country.

Customs duties and taxes are not included in the product price and would have to be paid separately by the customer. International customers are liable to pay inbound duties and taxes in accordance with the customs laws and regulations of the customer’s country.



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