F. A. Q.

We can, but not every. Marberg Company is more oriented to working with the latest phones. We offer our devices or take them from the customer to make a corporate order, if the quantity corresponds to the policy of company. Apart from Apple, Samsung devices are well customized.

Yes. Each device and accessory has 1 year warranty certificate from Marberg since the moment of purchase.

ATTENTION! Maintenance of the device under warranty in another service center breaks the warranty liability.

Of course, we can. The cost for such a device will be counted individually with every customer. This is related to the fact, that only you will be the owner of such a phone. This service is provided by our atelier: we will make a project for you, visualize it and after your approval start working on it.

In order to create one of such exclusive devices, we need to implement the latest technologies in the process of creation, the budget for development and production which is currently quite high. Moreover, unlike similar companies and atelier, we cooperate with different, most eminent brands and corporations of our time and use only exclusive supplements to create our masterpieces. The quality of our devices is higher than the quality provided by our competitors.

Why are you so sure about it?

Without any exceptions, each device by Marberg embodies innovative technologies, environmentally friendly and high-quality materials, and most importantly, manual work of talented jewelers, designers and engineers.

Delivery of an exclusive phone or accessory is possible almost to any place in the world. Why almost? The thing is that any country has certain rules and custom laws. That’s why the matter of delivery of devices is considered on case-to-case basis. We discuss this issue with the client in more detail when the order is being made.

You need to report this problem to us and our highly qualified experts will help to solve the problem (even non-warranty case) irrespective of the fact in which show-room you bought the phone.

Absolutely. At the present time, Marberg company is actively cooperating with international partners, it is exactly in their show-rooms and offline stores where you can take a look at our phones and accessories.