crocodile iphone case

Make a statement about yourself with a crocodile iphone case by Marberg

This crocodile iphone case is made with alligator leather of rich color with the texture incredibly pleasant to the touch. Therefore you will feel the comfort and satisfaction you need every day. This elite material in combination with a golden skull testifies to your authority and a high position in the society. Each element in the design of this premium case indicates classic taste of its owner. Thanks to this, today the skull is at the peak of fashion, it attracts the attention of the best stylists and designers of international standard.


Trustworthiness and at the same time brutality – these are the characteristics of the owner of the new crocodile iphone case by Marberg. This masterpiece is crowned by the Marberg logo made of 24 carat gold and jewelry enamel, it shows our real attitude to your gadget. This stylish accessory elegantly complements your any look. The logo for the case can be ordered gold, silver or black.

crocodile iphone case yellow color

Do you want even more chic and inspiration? Then complement the design of this crocodile iphone case made of crocodile leather by a gold skull made of 24 carat gold. Historically, magnificent combination of noble gold and alligator leather has become a true evidence of a high status.
If you have a great, subtle sense of style – then the premium case Gold Skull edition is really the right choice for you. Therefore, in this crocodile iphone case we embodied this historical fact through skillful finishing of alligator leather with a 24-carat gold skull. Now people from your surrounding have no doubt your exquisite taste and noble values.

crocodile iphone case blue color

Customization case

Marberglux atelier – is the place, where a unique design will be developed and created for your device or accessory. And this means, that you will be the only person in the world to possess such a device. We strive to create products that are unique – giving you one-of-a-kind works of art made by hand. The price of personalization case 200$.
At extra charge (100$) you can get any masterpiece (accessory) in a handmade wooden box.

crocodile iphone case gray color
crocodile iphone case white color
crocodile iphone case yellow color
crocodile iphone case blue color
crocodile iphone case brown color
crocodile iphone case burgundy color
crocodile iphone case cognac color
crocodile iphone case gray color
crocodile iphone case orange color
crocodile iphone case pink color
crocodile iphone case violet color


Your logo is manufactured from scratch from luxury materials. The assembly process consists of several stages, all done manually, including assembly itself, polishing and final fitting.
We select and use only the premium materials for our cases, such as gold, titanium, marble, stainless steel, sapphire glass and gems. We develop our own luxury hightest materials, like carbon fiber and aircraft aluminum. Through these, we are emphasize your style, taste and individuality.


Delivery of Marberg crocodile iphone case is complimentary. We deliver worldwide through our trusted couriers, DHL, FEDEX, EMS and state mail. Delivery time is estimated at 3-14 business days depending on the destination country.
Customs duties and taxes are not included in the product price and would have to be paid separately by the customer. International customers are liable to pay inbound duties and taxes in accordance with the customs laws and regulations of the customer’s country.

iPhone case: Alligator

XS MAX-470$

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