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All our products are created not only for the comfort and mobility, but also for the esthetic pleasure. When you are holding Marberglux luxury wallet made of crocodile leather in your hands, you are getting the emotions which can be experienced only as a result of owing the elite wallet.

Marberglux luxury wallet made of crocodile leather is not just an accessory, but a real masterpiece made by a human genius.

Crocodile Wallet Black from Marberg

Your taste and style are not just stereotypes, your way of thinking goes far beyond the limits of public opinion. This purse shows everyone that you never stop at the point where many give up. Moreover, you are a leader, able to go through all the way and get the most valuable, which is obtainable only by the few.

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Crocodile Wallet Brown from Marberg

The whole point of classic design is the elite Marberg logo made of noble 24 carat gold and jeweler’s enamel. Luxury wallet by Marberglux tell everyone around its owner about freedom, strength of spirit, charismaticness and absence of doubts.

Брендовый кошелек кожаный
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Saffiano Wallet Black from Marberg

This multi-purpose luxury wallet is expertly crafted from carefully selected Saffiano leather. The inside is lined with exquisite black saffiano leather, designed with room for 11 credit cards, additional pockets for money and your iPhone 6, 7 or 8.

This wallet is crowned by the Marberg logo, which is made of 24 carat gold and jewelry enamel, it shows our real attitude to your gadget. Each Marberg accessory is unique. As we use carefully only natural materials your product may differ slightly from what you see on the photo.

брендовый кошелек модный
брендовый кошелек итальянский

If you want to choose a different color or type of leather (python or ostrich), check with the manager to make sure it is available.

At extra charge (100$) you can get any masterpiece (accessory) in a handmade wooden box.

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