Samsung S8 and S8 Plus
Luxury Edition

Customization Premium Samsung devices – is a bad idea!

That’s what we thought before the Korean corporation introduced two unique devices to the world – Samsung S8 and Premium Samsung S8 Plus. And then we realized that a luxury phone can be made not only from iPhone.

Therefore, relying on our experience as well as the creativity of our designers and engineers, we took on developing the design and technology for the transformation of Samsung S8.

When you take this device in your hands, it will take you some time to understand that you’re actually holding Samsung S8.

You will see a true masterpiece and 100% realize that modern technologies can really transform things for better. That’s what we guarantee.

The task of Marberglux studio is to turn an Premium Samsung to a masterpiece.

After the process of customization, our goal is to provide the customer with the unique and fancy objet d’art. We put a piece of our history into the design of every premium Samsung.

To create something of this kind, highly-qualified professionals are required. Among them are artists, engineers and true handymen, who are striving to create exclusive and at the same time technologically progressive products.

That’s why a unique Samsung S8 made of wood, titanium, carbon fiber or leather, with the application of modern technologies for working with jeweler’s enamel and other various complicated processes, becomes a reality.

Possession of this knowledge allows us to realize many interesting ideas of our customers.

Do you want to get a new and unique Samsung S8? Write us in WHATSAPP +380995111653 or E-mail.

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