The team of our technologists, jewelers and designers are always looking for fellow-thinkers. If you are a connoisseur of all the beautiful and unique, if you’re looking for new ways and like solving infeasible tasks, if you’re striving for the perfection of new technologies and feel inspired by unusual ideas, write us.

And we will change this world for better together!

Why are we doing it? It’s difficult to find goods of good quality, but to find a real technological masterpiece is practically impossible. That’s why Marberg Company is always in search of fellow-thinkers (partners) in order to make our masterpieces available in any part of the world. Because the world must be wonderful, that’s why we are working hard.


Unfortunately, even with the help of professional photography it is impossible to see all the beauty and style of the masterpieces made by custom Marberg Atelier. For this reason we want to make it possible for our clients, with the assistance of our partners, to see them live. We already have the experience of creating exclusive iPhone for people from all over the world.

If you are looking in the same direction as we are, if you like the philosophy of our brand, write us and we will talk terms of our cooperation. We are waiting for you in our Marberg team!

Custom iPhone 7 riteil


Marberg Company is always open for cooperation in the form of collaboration. We change the world for better not only by daily implementing our own concepts into life, but also by producing new, interesting projects from designers and well-known brands. This is the thing, that brings challenges into the life of our team. But the result justifies all the efforts put.


Branded production – is one of the best marketing tools of a successful company, especially if we talk about exclusive phones and accessories, which are used by everyone today. That’s why we produce corporate branded phones and accessories, which attract the attention of people to your brand.

Are you planning a successful advertising campaign or you need branded production for the winners of a competition or sales? Write us! And together we will create a unique design, corresponding to the policy and philosophy of your company and brand.

Our experience and mastership allow us to implement the knowledge and technologies deliberately for these purposes. We are ready for such cooperation – to provide unique goods for a brand, taking into account the budget of a company.

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